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Real Estate Photography

(Traditional interior/exterior) 


Turnaround: 24-48 hours. Same day rush fee is $50 but I do try to deliver same day regardless.


Number of photos:  I deliver at least one good shot of the most important rooms. (I may not take a shot of a tiny bathroom or a cluttered laundry) It truly depends on the size of your listing. Remember, we want to market the best of what the home has to offer. I find that offering too many angles of a room is redundant, boring and counterproductive. We want the viewers to be engaged, not bored and we don't want to throw them off by showing them possible negatives. We want them to want to visit the listing to see more! 








Architectural/Designer Photography 

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Bristow, Fairfax, Gainesville, Haymarket, Leesburg, Warrenton,

Alexandria, Arlington, D.C., Fallsh Church


($25 trip charge )


If the shoot is more than 20 miles from my location there is a $25.00 trip charge. This accounts for gas, more drive time, and those occasional pesky tolls.  

* If the drive is well beyond 20 miles and will take more than an hour both ways the charge is $100 and up.

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